Good Dental Hygiene Gets Kids Off to a Great Start

Encouraging and promoting good dental hygiene from a young age has a positive impact on the quality and health of your child’s adult teeth when they come in. It also helps keep your child from experiencing pain and discomfort from cavities or tooth damage. Your partner in ensuring a positive, healthy start for children in Apopka, Longwood, Altamonte Springs and Maitland is Cohil Family Dentistry. Over 18 years of trusted experience ensures that kids get off to the best start when it comes to dental health.

Good Habits Begun at Young Ages Last a Lifetime

Beginning an early program of good dental hygiene is smart. Great habits they develop at young ages tend to stay with them for life. Positive things you can do to promote good early dental health include:

  1. Keep Bottles Out of the Crib – Not putting a baby to bed with a bottle is a great habit to get into. You don’t want milk with its accompanying sugars to stay on baby’s teeth all night and you definitely don’t want acids and sugars from juices setting on their teeth either
  2. Schedule and Keep Early Childhood Dental Appointments – Beginning when teeth start to appear or shortly after is the smart time to schedule your child’s first dental appointment and cleaning
  3. Sealants and Protective Mouth Gear – Sealants are a great preventative measure to keep large molars healthy and cavity-free. Once your child is old enough to participate in sports, a specially designed mouth guard is advised to protect developing teeth

Dr Kirk Cohil and the expert hygienists from Cohil Family Dentistry are happy to give you helpful tips to safeguard your child’s dental health from the beginning. You’ll be giving kids a smart start to a healthier mouth.

Professional Care Matters

Beginning your child’s professional dental care at a young age is the smart way to give them a great start for healthier smiles for life. Cohil Family Dentistry is passionate about being your partner in ensuring great dental health for your kids. Their smiles are worth protecting.

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