The following are photos of Dr. Cohil’s own patients. These photos demonstrate some of the results that comprehensive, modern dentistry can achieve.

Before After
674360292 = 646182392
Full Porcelain and Porcelain-fused to Metal crown and Bridge work
Before After
1354662714 = 1698027940
Extractions, root canals, porcelain-fused to metal crown and bridge work
Before After
803426748 = 1767551167
Implant placement, full-porcelain crowns, composite bonding
Before After
915911848 = 159250018
Full porcelain crowns
Before After
1000469004 = 1923581922
Customized cast post cemented into broken tooth. A new, full porcelain bridge was fabricated to replace the broken and missing teeth
Before After
1104985746 = 317809798
Complete Restorative of upper teeth with a new porcelain bridge and a specialized partial denture, to optimize cosmetics
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