Dental Crowns and Bridges – Apopka, FL

Dental Crowns

dentalbridgeCrowns are permanent dental restorations used for teeth that are either cracked, highly damaged, have a large pre-existing filling, or misaligned. A crown is custom made and fitted over a tooth, like a cap, to repair any or all of the dental conditions previously noted. A portion of tooth is removed, by the dentist in our Apopka office, to allow for the replacement of tooth structure with porcelain. The fabrication of a crown is an exact science. It is made to allow for a perfect seal and replicate an ideal tooth contour. This prevents the trapping and accumulation of bacteria, which could lead to decay or bone loss.

The support of a crown can reduce pain associated with damaged teeth and help prevent further decay, chipping, or other damage from occurring. Cosmetically, crowns are made to look like natural teeth and specific shades are chosen to allow for the proper blending of crowns with the surrounding natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

The purpose of a bridge is to replace one or more missing teeth. It looks extremely natural, and improves dental function, by increasing the surface area in which to chew things. A bridge is equivalent to multiple crowns that are splinted together, to allow for the proper support for tooth replacement. A bridge utilizes the adjacent teeth or dental implants, on each side of the missing tooth, as anchors for the bridge itself. The replacement teeth, called pontics, are made to appear as if they are emerging out of the gum.

The products used to make Crowns and Bridges can have a few options. Typically,  they are made out of some type of tooth-colored porcelain product. Depending on the bite and overall situation, the use of Zirconium has become very popular. Many times, porcelain fused to metal crowns have a gold metal alloy that is the substructure to which porcelain is baked. Regardless of the type of crown, every crown or bridge is customized in a trusted local laboratory, resulting in a 2-week wait and the fabrication of a temporary crown preformed in our Apopka office.

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