Choosing the best dentist for your family is always an important decision. It should be a long-term commitment, since the teeth you have should be optimally maintained for a lifetime. Many people often ask what makes us different from other offices. Patients have told us that our attention to detail, friendly environment, and caring sets us apart from other dental offices. We strive to provide the highest quality of dental care with the most state-of-the-art equipment, in a clean, comfortable, low-stress environment.

Perhaps, the following may also set us apart from the other offices:


We listen to your wants, are mindful of your needs, and spend the appropriate time, on each individual, to obtain optimal dental health and predictable results. We achieve the results that you come to expect and deserve. The attention to detail is priceless, especially when it means doing it right the first time.

We Truly Care:

A conservative approach to diagnosis and care is taken with each individual. The most predictable results are presented with an effort to minimize costs and preserve tooth structure. You are treated the same way that we would want to be treated! Our office respects your time and allocates appropriate appointment length for each procedure. This minimizes wait time; while at the same time promotes comfort, in a rush-free environment.

Digitally Scanned Impressions:

Our office has a digital scanner that scans the teeth and gums of your mouth and accurately forms a 3D digital image, that exactly replicates what is scanned.  This technology eliminates the need for impression material that can taste bad, be messy, and at times, trigger a gag reflex.  The digital image is printed on a 3D printer and used to fabricate dental crowns and any dental service requiring a lab made device.  The images are saved indefinitely for future referencing and sizing if necessary.

Cavity Detection System:

Our dental software has built-in cavity detection capabilities when viewing the digital x-rays on monitors. This can aid and verify an accurate diagnosis of decay between the teeth. The depth of decay is measured in the tooth so Dr. Cohil knows exactly where to go and stop.

Intra-oral Camera:

The intra-oral camera is located at the end of a small probe connected to the computer. This enables the doctor and staff to “tour” your mouth and project the image on a 32″ television monitor, mounted in each treatment room. The image, magnified 30 times, allows the patient to see what the doctor sees, with phenomenal detail.


To provide quality dental care is an “exact science.” You will notice Dr. Cohil’s attention to detail includes sophisticated magnification that is custom-fitted to his eyes. In addition, his handpiece (Drill) has guidance lights to allow for precise cuts and accuracy.


Before and after photos can be a vital tool in presenting your oral health options. A picture speaks volumes, especially when it comes to understanding your mouth. It is awesome to show patients a comparison of what their teeth and mouth looked like before and than after dental care is completed!

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