Dental Implants – Apopka, FL – Implant Dentistry

apopka-dentist-cohil-family-dentistryImplant Dentistry provides patients, that are missing teeth, a solution that resembles the closest thing to a natural tooth. A dental implant replaces the root portion of a missing tooth. Primarily made of titanium, a dental implant is literally screwed into the jawbone, under local anesthesia, preformed in our Apopka office. In most instances, the placement of an implant is no more involved then having a tooth removed.

After the placement of an implant, a certain amount of time is necessary for the bone to fully grow and “lock” the implant into place. Once this takes place, the top of the implant is uncovered and a post is screwed into it. Simple enough, a crown is then made to fit over the post, completing treatment and full replacement of the missing tooth.

Implant dentistry provides patients with replacement teeth that are both cosmetically and functionally pleasing. The new teeth are strong, durable, and nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth. They have been placed confidently for over 30 years, with a success rate of over 97%.

Jawbone only grows where teeth and/or implants exist. After a tooth is extracted, approximately 45% of the bone “shrinks” or disappears within the first year. This is why a bone graft is highly recommended at the time of a tooth extraction. This allows for the preservation of the bone level, so there is a foundation to place an implant in the future.

Dental implants may be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth in the jaw. There are several options available for individuals who have lost all of their teeth, with the use of dental implants:

Overdentures: These are dentures that actually snap into or over attachments that are secured to dental implants. This is a significant upgrade to unstable, moving traditional dentures.

Hybrid Dentures: These are acrylic dentures, with a titanium substructure, that are permanent and screwed retained into an array of multiple implants, previously placed. These are an excellent option, but do have the potential to wear over time.

Full Zirconia Bridges: These are permanent porcelain bridges that are screw retained into a set of previously placed implants.  They have unsurpassed strength and durability.

You may consult Dr. Kirk Cohil and staff, conveniently located in Apopka, to see if you are a candidate for dental implants or to review what your treatment options may be to replace one or more missing teeth.