Typically, an individual requires an extraction of a tooth for two reasons: either a tooth is severely cracked, or a tooth has been significantly neglected. In either case, a tooth requires removal to prevent the spread of infection. When a tooth is extracted it may be removed in its entirety with dental forceps. Or in the case where a tooth has significant damage and minimal amount of tooth structure to grab onto, the dentist may need to section and cut a tooth in multiple pieces, to remove easier.

When a tooth is removed, a patient should only feel pressure. The tooth is always the source of infection when it has a poor prognosis. Once the tooth is gone, the infection source is eliminated, and the body is left to fight off whatever damage may have resulted to the adjacent tissues that were surrounding the tooth.

Full closure and healing of an extraction site takes 6-8 weeks. A tooth requires replacement unless it is a wisdom tooth or if there is inadequate space for a tooth to remain. If replacement is necessary, it is always a good idea to have the socket, where the tooth existed, grafted with bone.

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