Regular dental cleanings and checkups have proven to be effective in providing optimal dental health.  Allowing the dentist to detect a problem early on before it becomes too large, is the only way to minimize chair time with a dentist and save money.

If your physician told you that you had cancer in your arm, would you wait until it hurt?  If this was the case, you would allow the cancer to spread deeper and more widespread in that area, if not throughout your body!  A cavity in your tooth is very similar, just at a smaller scale.  If you allow a site of decay or hole in your tooth to just remain, without the diseased portion removedby the dentist, it will spread deeper and wider throughout the tooth, infecting the nerve, travel into the surrounding bone, and potentially enter the blood stream.

When this occurs, you either will require a root canal and maybe a crown to help keep the tooth together.  However, if the damage is left to become extensive enough, the person may no longer be able to have the tooth saved.  This would require the complete removal of the tooth.  Once a tooth disappears, the bone that was once supporting the tooth disappears as well!

As a dentist, I have seen a number of people who neglect their mouth, because it costs money to fix and they have the mentality that if you cannot see it, everything is okay.  This misconception will cost you much more money and hard ache in the long run.  God gave each person teeth for a reason.  It is in everyone’s best interest to keep what teeth you have for a multitude of reasons, unless otherwise recommended by a dental professional.

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