Full and Partial Dentures – Apopka, FL

partial-denturesDentures are a prosthesis made from a strong, natural-looking acrylic, used to replace teeth in patients with some or all of their teeth missing.

The full and partial dentures that are made in our Apopka office are made to precisely fit the individual patients mouth and ridges, providing superior comfort and function.

The color and shape of the dentures can be matched to existing natural teeth and gums, to provide ideal aesthetics. We typically encourage the patient to bring in old photos into the Apopka office to show us the way your teeth once looked, before dental problems began. The teeth may also be uniquely positioned to create a look you may have always wanted.

Dr. Kirk K. Cohil offers both partial and full dentures. Unlike complete (full) dentures that replace all the teeth, partial dentures use any existing, healthy teeth as anchors that help hold the denture in. This can aid in stability, retention, and locating food when chewing.

For those patients who do not have any healthy teeth to help stabilize a denture, dentures may also be supported by dental implants. There are several options with how dental implants can help hold dentures in, depending on your budget. Every option offers an increased improvement to the traditional full dentures. Refer to dental implants to read more about options.

It is very powerful to have the ability to think about “what you are going to eat,” instead of “how you are going to eat something.” At Cohil Family Dentistry, we give you the ability to make those choices and improve upon your quality of life.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Apopka office at (407) 889-9682.