Dental Tooth Extraction – Apopka, FL

tooth-extractionA tooth extraction is the removal of a badly decayed or broken teeth that cannot be repaired. An extraction is performed under local anesthetic and/or laughing gas (nitrous oxide) in our Apopka office. Once the decision is made to remove the tooth, the staff will thoroughly review any surgical risks and the doctor will discuss the replacement options for the tooth.

Once the teeth are removed, the gums may be sutured, depending on the difficulty of removal and/or location of the tooth. To help control bleeding, continue to bite down on wet gauze placed in the mouth. You will rest under supervision, in the office, until you are ready to be released. Upon discharge, a prescription may be provided for post-operative pain and comfort. A complimentary follow-up appointment in our Apopka office is scheduled after one week to ensure healing in the extraction region is satisfactory.

In many instances, Dr. Cohil encourages the use of an autogenous bone graft, immediately after the completion of an extraction, to preserve the integrity of the bony ridge. This will be explained, if the doctor finds it to be beneficial at the time of surgery.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Apopka office at (407) 889-9682.