After a tooth is extracted, a hole remains where the root once was. Typically, 47% of bone resorbs after a tooth is extracted, in the first year. After that, there is a gradual dissipation of bone in the years to follow. Bone grafting with autogenous bone is highly encouraged at the same time of a tooth extraction. Autogenous bone is cadaver bone, from a human that is freeze dried to sterilize it for proper placement.

Placing the bone, at the time of removing a tooth, aids in avoiding more aggressive surgery later on. It is much more simplified for the patient, if the hole(s) are filled with bone grafting immediately. Providing this service helps preserve the integrity of the bone ridge, so it does not resorb at a high rate. In addition, placing bone graft material will potentially allow for the placement of an implant, after complete healing. Bone grows and is stimulated when there is a tooth or implant present. Without this, there is a high probability, that the bone ridge will shrink significantly or even leave a defect.

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