Fluoride Strengthens Teeth and Helps Prevent Cavities

Fluoride is known as a natural cavity fighter and an aid in strengthening human teeth. Since the 1960s, dentists have realized the benefits and cavity fighting properties of fluoride and have been using it on patients. Professional dental hygiene experts from Cohil Family Dentistry know the importance of including fluoride in dental care. They’re proud to use fluoride treatments on patients to help improve oral health.

Repairing and Preventing Tooth Decay

Fluoride not only prevents tooth decay that can lead to gum disease, it also helps turn around teeth that are starting to exhibit effects of decay. Bacteria fighting and decay prevention qualities are what makes fluoride use so highly recommended. Here’s how fluoride helps in any good oral health regimen:

  1. Available in Many Forms – For home use, patients find fluoride in toothpastes, rinses and mouthwashes, making applying fluoride convenient and effortless. In dental offices, gels and rinses are often used
  2. All Ages Benefit from Fluoride – While fluoride is often recommended for young people from 6 months to 16 years, it has benefits for all ages. Fluoride is especially beneficial to adults with signs of gum disease and problems with recurring tooth decay
  3. Prevention and Repair of Tooth Decay – Fluoride strengthens teeth and enamel and helps protect teeth from negative effects of bacteria and plaque. Bacteria penetrates enamel and weakens teeth, while fluoride adds an extra element of strength

Dr. Kirk Cohil and the hygienists from Cohil Family Dentistry are happy to go over the benefits of fluoride and to apply helpful treatments that can boost the strength and protection of your teeth. Giving you a whiter and healthier smile is the main goal and one that is promoted by fluoride use.

Start Young for Best Results

Using fluoride to strengthen youngster’s teeth provides a great start towards healthier smiles. Cohil Family Dentistry has a history of over 18 years providing helpful dental services to folks in Apopka, Longwood, Altamonte Springs and Maitland. One of the stars of our dental services is proper, regular use of fluoride products to strengthen teeth.

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