Start the New Year on a Positive Note with Professional Tooth Whitening

Since your smile is one of the most important ways to show your friendliness and approach-ability to the world, you’ll want to begin the New Year with the brightest, whitest smile you can have. From the earliest ages, babies are attracted to the human face, its expressions, and especially to a beautiful smile. This continues throughout life, making your smile one of your most valuable assets. Professionals from Cohil Family Dentistry want to be your ally in showing your best smile to the world. Professional teeth whitening is your best way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Professionally White Teeth Promote Better Dental Health

Starting your New Year off with the whitest, most attractive teeth possible helps to improve your overall dental health. Some of the best benefits of professional tooth whitening include:

  1. Stain Removal – Tooth stains can be caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, aging or even by common dental procedures like root canals
  2. Aesthetic Benefits – When your teeth are whiter, they not only look healthier, but a better and more attractive image is projected to others, as your self-confidence is increased
  3. Improved Oral Health – Your entire mouth becomes healthier, including gums, when bacteria and plaque are kept away. Professional teeth whitening from Cohil Family Dentistry gives you not only better looking teeth, but better overall oral health

With over 18 years of valuable experience helping folks in Maitland, Apopka, Altamonte Springs and Longwood to have whiter, more beautiful smiles, Dr. Kirk Cohil proudly uses the latest whitening techniques and products to ensure that you leave with a radiant smile. Your health becomes better and confidence is boosted with whiter, more beautiful teeth.

Show Your Best Smile to the World

True confidence can come both from within and from critical outward factors like cleaner, whiter teeth and a brilliant smile. Cohil Family Dentistry provides professional teeth whitening treatments with the integrity, professionalism and attention to detail you’ve come to trust for the best results. Begin your New Year right with a beautiful, white smile.

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