Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene in Apopka Even While Wearing Braces

Once you’ve decided to have teeth straightened with braces, you’ll find that you need to be vigilant about maintaining good dental hygiene. You’ll find expert advice through Cohil Family Dentistry that helps you navigate your way through these challenges. Our ultimate goal and yours is that you end up with teeth that are straight, attractive and kept clean and cavity-free throughout the process of wearing braces.

Rely on Expert Help to Keep Teeth Bacteria and Cavity Free

Professional hygienists from Cohil Family Dentistry are your biggest ally in keeping your teeth clean and attractive, even when wearing braces. It’s tough to keep teeth clean with wires and places where bacteria can hide and thrive. Your dedication to a cleaner mouth pays off in the end once your teeth are straight and beautiful. There are several facets leading to tooth decay while wearing braces including:

  1. Trapped Food Particles – Pieces of food become trapped in wires or in spaces around wires
  2. Bacteria Multiplies – When food particles are not properly removed, bacteria has places to thrive and grow and that creates plaque
  3. Plaque Damages Enamel – Once enamel is damaged, that allows cavities to form in teeth that you’re simply trying to straighten

You can rely on Dr. Kirk Cohil to give you the best advice for caring for your teeth and keeping up with good dental hygiene even through challenging times like wearing braces. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Cohil will give you tips and advice for the foods to eat for maximum good oral health and smart and effective ways to keep your teeth cleaner through this time.

Expert Advice Leads to Better Oral Hygiene

Brace wearers may know that they should avoid sugary, sticky foods like taffy and other candies, but they may not know to also avoid carbohydrate rich foods. Carbohydrate-laden foods can turn into sugar when they’re left on teeth. You’ll get expert advice and help by partnering with professionals from Cohil Family Dentistry throughout your treatment with braces. The results are worth the effort.Contact Cohil Family Dentistry today at 407-889-9682.