Differences Between Professional and Home Tooth Whitening

If you find you’re not liking the looks of your teeth because of stains due to smoking, coffee, tea, or even aging, you can have whiter, brighter teeth and the confidence that comes from a beautiful smile. Dr. Kirk Cohil and the pros from Cohil Family Dentistry are dedicated to helping you achieve the white, radiant smile you hope to have. With just a bit of time and effort, your smile can be dramatically improved.

Is Professional Whitening Better Than Home Tooth Whitening?

People in Apopka and central Florida have exceptionally well-trained, educated professionals to rely on for expert tooth whitening services from Cohil Family Dentistry. All services are done with compassion, attentive care and a pure dedication to professional results. At-home tooth whitening can be done between visits or in a pinch, but relying on professional whitening will really deliver the results you hope to get. Here are some of the best benefits of professional whitening:

  1. Careful Control and Application – Professionals apply whitening products carefully, targeting all areas that need to be whitened, including between teeth
  2. Safe and Effective Treatment – When you go the home-based route, you don’t always know what you’re getting and whether the treatment will truly be safe and effective for teeth. Professional whitening eliminates or lessens this doubt
  3. Less Chance for Irritation – Things like tooth sensitivity, gum irritation and spaces between teeth not being effectively treated are solved when you rely on expertly applied professional tooth whitening from Cohil Family Dentistry

For truly custom tooth whitening results that target all issues with your teeth, you’ll find that Dr. Kirk Cohil can give you the attractive tooth whitening results you’ve been searching for. Years of experience and using the proper whitening solutions make a world of difference.

Professional Results!

Better and more noticeable whitening results are achieved when you rely on expert whitening done in Dr. Cohil’s office. You’ll be pleased with the results. You’ll get a white, gleaming smile you can be proud of and confidence to show your smile to the world!

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