Solve Issues Like Missing Teeth in Apopka and Restore Your Beautiful Smile

People who have the misfortune of a missing tooth fully understand the impact it has on self-confidence and daily life. When a missing tooth happens, people hope to find specialists like those from Cohil Family Dentistry who can effectively help address the issue and restore everyday abilities like chewing, drinking, speaking and smiling. Dr. Kirk Cohil can go over several options and help solve any problem with missing teeth.

Several Ways to Tackle Cosmetic Issues and Missing Teeth

Today’s dentistry has several excellent ways to improve any smile, even when teeth are missing or cosmetically unattractive. Some of the best ways to do this include:

  1. Dental Veneers – A way to improve the look of existing teeth by placing thin shells onto teeth using a bonding process, and adhering them to teeth. This offers hope for those with dental problems like misshapen teeth, or teeth that are uneven sizes and colors
  2. Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. Kirk Cohil has over 18 years of experience in addressing and fixing cosmetic dentistry issues, restoring teeth back to an aesthetically pleasing condition
  3. Dental Implants – Used by experts at Cohil Family Dentistry as a form of tooth replacement. Implants include three parts, the artificial tooth root, an abutment for connection purposes, and a ceramic or porcelain crown placed on the tooth to give it a natural look. Before you know it, it’s hard to tell that a tooth was ever missing

There are many ways teeth can become damaged or missing, and even more ways to fix these conditions and restore teeth to an aesthetically attractive condition. Folks in Apopka, Longwood, Maitland, Altamonte Springs and surrounding areas know they can rely on the expertise of Dr. Kirk Cohil for good solutions.

Teeth Become Attractive Again

Restoring confidence in smiles and the total functionality of teeth is the goal when you depend on help from Cohil Family Dentistry. We know how important an attractive smile is to emotional and physical health. We strive to deliver all tooth restoration services with attention to detail, professionalism and integrity.Contact Cohil Family Dentistry today at 407-889-9682.