Your Apopka Dentist Will Advise You Whether Floss Picks or Traditional Floss is Best

Many Apopka and central Florida dental patients wonder whether floss picks made of plastic with a short piece of floss stretched in a straight line can work for teeth, or whether your Apopka dentist recommends using traditional floss. Dr. Kirk Cohil and hygienists from Cohil Family Dentistry often recommend traditional floss over floss picks.

Reasons for Choosing Traditional Floss Over Picks

The biggest reason for choosing traditional dental floss over floss picks is that you’ll cover more tooth surface when you can shape floss around your tooth than when floss is stretched in a short, straight line. Floss picks tend to only get debris and plaque on part of the tooth, not on the entire tooth surface and not always around the gum line either. Other good reasons to choose traditional floss include:

  1. Covering More Tooth Surface – Traditional floss is made to bend and wrap around teeth, which are not normally straight surfaces but rounded contoured surfaces
  2. Better Control With Fingers – You’ll have better control over a piece of dental floss simply by using your fingers instead of using a hard piece of plastic with a tiny piece of floss stretched between two ends
  3. Easier to Direct Traditional Floss – A method that mimics the motion of a shoeshine is done more easily with traditional dental floss, ensuring that you cover more surface area

Pros from Cohil Family Dentistry make recommendations in a caring, professional and attentive way. Their advice is to stick with a traditional length of floss that is cut to about 18 inches. They’ve got experience with both types of flossing methods and have found that users of floss picks can sometimes develop decay that traditional floss users are able to avoid.

Advice For a Healthier Mouth

Dr Cohil and the pros from Cohil Family Dentistry recommend using standard dental floss for best results. You can choose either waxed floss for when teeth are spaced close together, or un-waxed floss for teeth with standard spacing. Choosing good dental floss keeps your mouth healthier.

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