Cracked or Chipped Teeth Should be Evaluated and Restored Promptly

You might have looked into a mirror and noticed a fine line on a tooth and became concerned that it may be a cracked tooth. If it’s only a fine line with no pain, sensitivity or other symptoms, and it appears that it’s only on the surface of the tooth, it may be something called a craze. Normally these are minor and your professional from Cohil Family Dentistry, your trusted Apopka dentist, will watch the tooth and monitor the fine line to be sure it doesn’t turn into a more serious crack.

If at any time you notice a more serious crack or chip, it’s critical to see a caring and professional dental restoration specialist like Dr. Cohil right away for a proper evaluation and expert treatment. It’s unwise to ignore a chipped or cracked tooth, because doing that can lead to more serious problems like pain, further cracking, breaking or even tooth loss.

Several Excellent Methods are Available to Restore Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Even though tooth enamel is some of the most sturdy tissue in the human body, it can still become cracked or broken over time. This is especially true in areas of the mouth where there is tooth decay, or even when a tooth is damaged by crunching on something hard or you’ve experienced a tooth injury. If you feel a spot on a tooth that is jagged and uneven and feels as if a piece has broken off, it’s smart to contact dental professionals like those from Cohil Family Dentistry.

A thorough evaluation lets you know exactly what has happened to your tooth and the best remedy for your situation. There are several ways to treat chipped or cracked teeth. When you experience a fractured cusp, which is when a piece of the chewing surface of your tooth has broken off, or you have a cracked tooth, treatments like professional tooth bonding or veneers may solve your problem. In cases of more serious breaks, crowns may be necessary. When the pulp has been affected, procedures like a root canal, tooth extractions or dental implants may be necessary.

Professional Help is Always the Smart Solution

Broken, cracked or chipped teeth should always be checked to see that there hasn’t been serious damage to your tooth, to the nerves in your teeth or to the gums. Knowledgeable professionals like those from Cohil Family Dentistry will go out of their way to see that you are kept comfortable and informed throughout your evaluation and during any during procedures that need to be done.

Neglecting a broken or chipped tooth can lead to permanent tooth loss that requires a future dental implant, or it can also cause issues like tooth and gum pain, infections, bone loss or abscesses that require emergency dental care. At the first sign of a chipped or broken tooth, or even a sighting of fine lines, it’s smart to get help and advice from a professional, caring expert like Dr. Kirk Cohil.

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