A Helpful 4 Point Checklist Before Your Dental Consultation in Apopka

The smart way to approach your upcoming dental appointment is to be ready with well thought out ideas for results you hope to see for your smile. Specialists from Cohil Family Dentistry are dedicated to providing guidance and expert dental services for the brilliant white smile you dream of. Some thought before your appointment goes a long way towards success.

Three Helpful Steps Before Your Apopka Consultation

Proper dental care is critical for people of all ages. To make the experience seamless and more meaningful, it pays to keep a few things in mind. These include:

  1. Decide What Results You Want – Take time before your appointment to decide what you’d like to see happen with your teeth. You may need treatments like whitening, veneers, dental implants, crowns and restoration procedures to get the results you want
  2. Consider Answers to Questions About Hygiene Routines – Things like how often you brush and floss, and if you don’t floss, knowing the reasons why, can help the experts from Cohil Family Dentistry create an excellent plan for your future dental care
  3. Be Ready to Share Any Problems With Teeth – Be ready to let Dr. Kirk Cohil know if you’re experiencing problems with teeth or gums. Let your technician know if pain is constant or occasional, if it happens when your teeth are exposed to hot or cold foods or liquids, or whether the pain is severe or more like a dull ache
  4. Have a budget in mind before discussing treatment with the dentist.This way you and the dentist are on the same page prior to having your treatment options presented. Treatment may be phased in order to accommodate your budget or the patient may need to revise their expectations if treatment cannot stay within the budget.Also, this is the opportunity to know what the time management is for treatment, so the patient may adjust their schedule accordingly.Discuss how many appointments it may take and what to expect for the length of treatment.

The more prepared you are ahead of time for your dental appointment, the more satisfactory your results will be. Have some questions in mind and specialists will be happy to go over the nuances of your treatment, costs associated with any planned treatments, and steps involved in every procedure.

Trusted Experienced Dental Professionals

Experts from Cohil Family Dentistry have over 18 years of valuable experience in dental whitening, crowns, restorative dentistry, veneers and dental implants. All procedures are carried out with exceptional attention to detail, professionalism and expertise. You’ll smile knowing your teeth are well taken care of. Contact Cohil Family Dentistry today at 407-889-9682.