Your Trusted Solution for Maitland Florida Dental Implants

When teeth are missing, replacing them with dental implants is not only a great aesthetic solution to make teeth look more attractive, it can also improve the health of your entire mouth and jawbone. If you ignore missing teeth, or if they’re in back so you figure you can wait to have something done, you can be doing yourself a disservice.

Maitland dental implantsMissing teeth can cause problems like drifting teeth, which are teeth that move to fill in part of the gap, atrophy of your jawbone, or faster wearing down of your front teeth as your front teeth try to make up for the missing ones. If it goes on long enough, you might experience popping and clicking noises, and even arthritis in the jaw joint.

Maitland Dental Implants Are a Good Solution

Before these problems can take hold, it’s best to contact your Maitland area professional, Dr. Kirk Cohil, for an effective dental implant solution. Cohil Family Dentistry has served Maitland families, becoming the trusted dentist for expert advice and treatment.

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Dental implants have been a reliable treatment for over 30 years, with a success rate of over 97 percent. Not only do they help improve your smile and the look of your teeth, they restore the functionality, affecting your ability to speak more clearly and chew effectively.

dental implants Maitland Florida

Good Options for Dental Implants Maitland Can Rely On

There are several choices when teeth are missing, including overdentures that snap over implants, hybrid dentures that are placed over several strategically placed implants, and natural looking full Zirconia bridges that are crafted from porcelain and screwed into implants, for durability and a natural feel.

Your expert Maitland dental implants will soon feel and act like natural teeth, giving you a more attractive appearance, with better use of your teeth. Dr. Cohil will be happy to go over your options and provide advice about your best options. A plan will be custom tailored to your needs and schedule. Before you know it, the dental implants Maitland depends on will be in place, fulfilling your needs and beautifying your smile!

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