Apopka Dental Professionals Focus on Giving You a Beautiful Smile

A whiter, brighter smile is only the beginning of the life enhancing services you’ll find from your Apopka dental specialists, conveniently located on Semoran Boulevard about five miles west of I-4. Dr. Kirk Cohil, your trusted Apopka dentist, has helped adults and children from Apopka FL, nearby Maitland, Longwood, and Altamonte Springs to enjoy beautiful smiles for almost two decades. You’ll also find that Dr. Cohil and his dedicated staff can help with challenging dental issues like a cracked tooth, missing teeth, new denture fabrication or replacement, corrective aligner therapy, root canal therapy, or even a dental emergency. In fact, our Apopka Dentist office is well equipped in providing you the best care possible, with maximum comfort.

You’ll find that you want to trust something as important as your dental health to a caring and dedicated professional who is focused on providing first-rate dental care services in the Apopka FL area. Whether you’re in pain from dental emergencies, wisdom teeth not coming in correctly, a need for a root canal, a cracked tooth, or you simply need an annual checkup; you want to know that you can schedule an appointment easily and quickly. A few clicks on the website or a quick phone call to Dr. Cohil’s office will have you on your way to a brilliant smile that deserves a place in our smile gallery.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Flawlessly Done by an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile is normally the first thing people notice. When you show an attractive, white smile, you send out vibes that you are friendly, approachable and kind. You’ll be able to make people feel at ease around you and let them know that you’re someone they can confide in and trust. Preserving that smile is easier when you have a truly expert cosmetic dentist like Dr. Cohil, who is up-to-date on all the latest cosmetic dentistry practices paired with the use of top-notch dental labs that work seamlessly together to keep your smile healthy and gleaming.

Some of the professional cosmetic dentistry services offered by Cohil Family Dentistry include:

  1. Porcelain Veneers – To give your teeth a flawless look and exceptional functionality using custom-made shells created fromtooth colored porcelain.
  2. Expert Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening that is done using professional methods like Zoom whitening, which is done by combining light with a light activated peroxide, professional strength gel for safe, fast and brilliant results.
  3. Invisalign / ClearCorrect – A safe, gentle and effective way to straighten teeth using computer aided technology to create a custom aligner made specifically for your teeth. Invisalign is often preferred by patients over traditional braces made from metal brackets and wires.
  4. Specialty Services – Services like dental bonding to repair fractured, chipped or decayed teeth, and contouring of the gums that is done to improve the look of gums that are too high or too low. These are services that require specialized skill, knowledge and precise care. Dr. Kirk Cohil is the qualified cosmetic dentist in Apopka to do all of these procedures.

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Well-done cosmetic techniques can help to restore a patient’s self-esteem, vastly improve their confidence, and improve their overall dental health and quality of life. Dr. Cohil will let you know if you are a candidate for a smile makeover, which is a series of procedures done to improve teeth over a period of time. This way you have everything done exactly the way it should be, and in a timely manner. It’s easy to put in an appointment request and even easier to find Dr. Cohil located on Semoran Blvd., about five miles West from I-4. You’ll love knowing you have such a convenient nearby dental office specializing in all the things that improve life experience through better dental health.

Specialized Restorative Techniques Give You a Flawless Smile

Apopka Dentist
Whether you need specialized restorative treatments due to an unfortunate accident, decay, or teeth worn down too much by bad habits like tooth grinding, you’ll find that Dr. Kirk Cohil can do exactly the restorative treatment you need, to get you back on the road to better oral health. Cohil Family Dentistry, the dentist in Apopka FL you can trust for real results, will help with all your specialized dental procedures. Professional and friendly staff can also help with paperwork challenges like navigating the nuances of patient forms, figuring out dental insurance, and applying a discount program so it will be the most beneficial for your needs. An appointment request is your quickest way to get you on the way to receiving the restorative services you need.

Some of the specialty restorative procedures you may find yourself needing at some point include repairing a cracked tooth, root canal therapy, oral surgery, fixed bridges, bone grafting, root amputation and replacement, root planing, partial dentures, empress restorations, composite fillings, crowns and veneers, or dental implants. Dr. Cohil uses all the latest technology, including digital x-rays, to help in his patient’s quests for beautiful smiles. Your Apopka dental specialist also pays specialized attention to your oral health by performing oral cancer screenings and any accompanying treatment that you may need if alarming findings like oral cancer, periodontal disease or gum disease are found.

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Preventative Treatment Can Help to Ward Off Problems

Your Apopka dental specialist helps establish a good regimen of preventative dental care to keep issues like gum disease, tooth decay and the potential need for a future root canal at bay. Regular cleaning, flossing and polishing are critical. Other preventative measures include digital x-rays, screeningsfor periodontal disease, use of dental sealants, fluoride treatment, timely orthodontic treatment, monitoring of wisdom teeth, and even educational measures that are communicated to patients through dental videos.

Good care through your dentist in Apopka begins at an early age with a smart and effective program of pediatric dentistry. Getting kids acclimated to the Apopka dentist office and having their teeth cleaned regularly,helps to develop good habits that can stay with kids throughout life. Good pediatric dentistry is an art that the pros from Cohil Family Dentistry have mastered through almost two decades of working with the children of Apopka families. Beautiful smiles don’t just happen by accident. They are carefully created and nurtured by your Apopka dentist and caring hygienists.

Dental Implants Effectively Fill in Unsightly Gaps

When teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, generally poor oral health, periodontal disease or accidents, it’s good to know your family dental care specialists are waiting to help and that all you need to do is request an appointment. You’ll become educated about all the latest ways to replace missing teeth, including using dental implant technology to create a flawless and beautiful look and a more attractive smile. Your Apopka dentist, Dr. Kirk Cohil, can use cutting-edge methods, including dental implants and other prosthetic solutions that make it nearly impossible to tell that you ever had a missing tooth.

Today’s dental implants have been used for over 30 years, and they have a success rate of 97 percent. They create an aesthetically beautiful solution for the sometimes challenging problem of gaps in the teeth. If gaps are left alone and not fixed, neighboring teeth may begin to move and fill in the gap. Moving teeth can create an entirely new set of problems including malocclusionand interferences with the bite. This can be avoidedthrough the use of a natural looking and well-functioning implants and restorations. They will not only improve the way you look, but they will improve chewing function and speaking.

The steps your Apopka dentist will take to complete the dental implants include:

  1. Placing the Implant into the Jawbone – An implant is made from titanium and screwed into the jawbone.
  2. Uncovering the Top and Screwing in a Post – Once the implant base is in place and locked intothe bone, a process called osseointegration that can take some time.The top of the implant is then uncovered and a post is screwed into place. This is the portion that emerges out of the gum.
  3. Final Covering with a Crown – After the previous steps are completed, porcelain crowns can be fabricated and placed on top of the implant post, to give the tooth a natural look and function.

Giving you back your attractive smile is the goal of your dentist in Apopka FL. The family dental specialists and all of the friendly staff from Cohil Family Dentistry are dedicated to always providing the best experience. This way you’ll look forward to your visits and be ready to schedule an appointment to get your most brilliant smile back.

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Invisalign Aligners Straighten Teeth with Minimal Inconvenience

Using specialty 3-D computer technology, your Invisalign aligners are custom created to specifically fit the unique shape of your mouth and to fit precisely onto your teeth. This process gives you a truly personalized experience. These aligners are clear and comfortable and can easily be removed when you eat, drinkand brush. Since no brackets or wires are used, teeth are much easier to clean and to care for throughout the straightening process. Teeth are moved into the correct position over time, just like they are with traditional braces.

These family dental care specialists, the pros from Cohil Family Dentistry, serve Apopka, Maitland, Longwood and Altamonte Springs. Dr. Cohil is happy to go over all the nuances of Invisalign aligners to help you decide if they’re the best solution for your unique needs. Simply contacting the dental office can get you a complimentary consultation to go over exactly how the procedure is done and the results you can expect. Your teeth end up being moved into the correct position gradually, for the least amount of discomfort and virtually no inconvenience.

From Simple Care Procedures to the Most Complicated Technical Fixes

Your expert Apopka dentist is knowledgeable, well-trained and dedicated to providing every dental service that could possibly be needed by local residents, ranging from exceptional pediatric dentistry services to more complicated emergency care. Dr. Cohil and the friendly dental staff also provide things like:

  1. Digital x-rays and CBCT Scans
  2. Evaluations for periodontal disease
  3. Root Canals
  4. Dental extractions and oral surgery
  5. Root Planingand Scaling
  6. Implant placement and restorations

Apopka DentistYou can relax knowing that whether you need a simple fluoride treatment, teeth whitening, or more complicated procedures like bone grafting or a fixed bridge, your reliable, dedicated dental practice right here in Apopka, Cohil Family Dentistry, can do everything you need conveniently when you simply request an appointment. Your good oral health is too important to ignore or to leave to chance. You want a skilled, reliable, dependable and trustworthy ally like Dr. Kirk Cohil and his friendly staff on your side to provide all the dental care you and your family will ever need.

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All Dental Needs Fulfilled from Aesthetic Needs to Functional Requirements

You can be sure that your Cosmetic Dentist from Cohil Family Dentistry will provide the smartest and most cost effective solution to any dental issue. Your dentist in Apopka, Dr. Kirk Cohil, is happy to go over with you all of the latest and most aesthetically pleasing solutions to teeth problems including the use of bonding, veneers, tooth- colored fillings and porcelain crowns that make a real difference in how your teeth ultimately look once your dental work is complete.

Your smile will look its brilliant best, along with your confidence being restored with all of the professional work proudly done by your dentist in Apopka. Once you request an appointment and arrive on your appointment day, friendly staff is happy to assist with patient forms and will help you to understand all the nuances of insurance coverage. Over 20 years of clinical experience gives this dental office an edge in providing all the latest care, seamlessly and professionally.

Expert Dental Service Delivered with a Passion for Excellence

You’ll find the highest quality, most comfortable and caring dentistry in Apopka at Cohil Family Denistry. We have a true passion for excellence that you’ll notice and appreciate with every visit. Dr. Cohil takes the time to attentively listen to your needs and concerns and will patiently address all questions. Dr. Cohil has proudly served residents of Apopka, Longwood, Maitland and Altamonte Springs since 1999, providing general dentistry and a wide range of procedures like cosmetic dentistryservices that residents know they can depend on.

From dental emergencies requiring a dentist’s fast attention that we always strive to see on the same day, to routine preventative dental care,patients appreciate the prompt and caring attention they get every time from Cohil Family Dentistry. We’re proud to be listed at the top of cosmetic and family dentistry services in the Apopka, Florida area. New patients are always welcome and are usually impressed with the level of care we strive to deliver, to every patient. We want to be true partners with you and your family in keeping your smiles beautiful and your teeth as healthy as they can be. Healthy teeth are one of the most important facets of a healthy life and we strive to keep your teeth as healthy and beautiful as they can be.

Exceptional Care Makes a Difference

Why not schedule an appointment to enjoy the Cohil Family Dentistry experience for yourself? We believe you’ll be impressed with the exceptional care you get from our dedicated professionals. Take some time, if you can, to view the dental videos here on the website.Please watch to learn how we can help you to have a healthier mouth and cleaner, whiter, more attractive teeth. We adhere to the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence.

We provide exceptional care to all ages, believing that the healthiest life begins with early, and attentive oral health care. Beautiful smiles are carefully created and are appreciated by all of our patients. We’re confident that you’ll notice and love the Cohil Family Dentistry difference.

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