Show Your Most Beautiful Smile with Professional Longwood FL Dental Implants

A beautiful, natural looking smile is one of the best ways to enhance a person’s appearance. Today there is a solution for missing teeth that looks incredibly natural, has a 97 percent success rate, and brings back the functionality of your teeth for chewing and being able to speak more distinctly.

Longwood dental implantsToday’s solution for missing teeth is implants that are expertly put in place by your Longwood implant dentistry specialist, Dr. Kirk Cohil. Implants offer a totally natural looking solution that brings back the beauty of your smile. They replace the root portion of the tooth and provide a more permanent solution that stays in your mouth.

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Several Options in Longwood Dental Implants

When you only have one or a few teeth missing, dental implants are a good choice. When all of your teeth are missing, you have some amazingly natural looking options in Longwood implant dentistry. Here are several good options available through Cohil Family Dentistry for Longwood dental implants:

  • Bridges made from Zirconia – Permanent bridges made from durable porcelain that are screwed into several implants that have been put in place.
  • Overdentures – Dentures that are placed over several implants. They snap into place or are put over attachments that are fitted on dental implants.
  • Hybrid Dentures – These are dentures crafted from acrylic that are placed over several implants. These are considered permanent and are screwed into place.

dental implants Longwood Florida

The Best Choice in Longwood Dental Implants

When it comes to something so important to your everyday success as your smile, you want to make the best choice once you’ve decided to have dental implants. Dr. Kirk Cohil has been serving Longwood Florida dental patients and has been voted a top dentist in Orlando by Orlando magazine since 2011.

Dr. Cohil is happy to go over your options and to help you make the best choice in dental implants for your unique situation. Everything is done in your Longwood Florida dentist’s office. Together you’ll come up with the best personalized plan of action to bring back your healthiest, most beautiful smile.

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