Dental Implants Professionally Done by Your Altamonte Springs Dentist Lead to a Beautiful Smile

One of the best solutions today for missing teeth is dental implants. They look completely natural and restore the full function of your teeth. Implants have been used for over 30 years, with a fantastic success rate of over 97 percent. Some people might think that missing teeth are purely a cosmetic issue, but that isn’t the case.

Altamonte Springs dental implantsIf back teeth are missing, it can cause problems like faster wearing down of your front teeth since they’ll try to take over the function of missing teeth. People with missing teeth can also experience drifting teeth, or teeth that move in order to fill in spaces. A more serious issue is clicking and popping noises, and eventual arthritis in the jawbone joint due to bone loss in the jaw.

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Altamonte Springs Dental Implants are Available at Cohil Family Dentistry

The dental implants Altamonte Springs residents may be searching for are available at Cohil Family Dentistry, a trusted family dentist in Altamonte Springs. Dr. Kirk Cohil will be happy to analyze the condition of your teeth and make appropriate recommendations to improve the look of your smile and the health of your teeth.

dental implants Altamonte Springs FloridaDental implants Altamonte Springs residents need are a smart choice to fill in gaps when one or several teeth are missing. When all teeth are missing, there are several great options to restore a natural smile. Hybrid dentures are made from sturdy acrylic and are placed over several thoughtfully placed implants. Overdentures are another option, which snap into place over dental implants or are fitted onto them. A more permanent solution is bridges made from Zirconia, made from sturdy and durable porcelain and screwed over implants.

A Good Choice Leads to a Brilliant Smile

Dr. Cohil will be happy to go over all the options thoroughly and help put together a plan that works for your budget and schedule. All the work will be done in Cohil Family Dentistry in nearby Apopka dental office for your convenience and comfort. Altamonte Springs dental implants can be just the solution to restore your teeth to their original, natural beauty.

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