The Affects Smoking and Vaping Have on Oral Health in Apopka

There have been widely held, mistaken beliefs that vaping, or inhaling nicotine in an aerosol form is somehow safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. While there are some things that don’t happen with e-cigarettes like teeth staining, there are still important dangers from using them. One disturbing trend is that vaping has increased in popularity among young people, especially those who are high school age. Cohil Family Dentistry is happy to go over health risks and to help encourage e-cigarette users to cut back or stop usage. We do this in a purely informational and non-judgmental way so patients can make their own decision.

Dangers of Vaping to Oral Health

E-cigarette users in Apopka, Longwood, Maitland and Altamonte Springs and surrounding areas depend on Dr. Kirk Cohil and staff at Cohil Family Dentistry to be a smart resource for accurate information about the health risks of vaping and using e-cigarettes. Here are some health perils that can be faced by users of e-cigarettes:

  1. Cellular Damage in the Mouth – Cells in the mouth can be damaged or weakened by extended use of e-cigarettes. Damage can be permanent and irreversible
  2. Inflammatory Proteins are Released – These proteins result in damage to tissue and can eventually lead to oral disease
  3. Reduction of Blood Flow – Blood flow in the mouth is reduced and that hampers your mouth’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria. Over time, it can lead to a gum infection called periodontal disease

Being armed with correct information from Dr. Kirk Cohil can lead patients to decide to cut back or to stop use of aerosol nicotine delivered through vaping and e-cigarettes. This has positive effects on the oral health of people in Apopka.

Vaping Has Widespread Impact on Young People

High school students and young adults often use vaping and e-cigarettes thinking that they’re safer than traditional cigarettes. This kind of thinking can be dangerous and can have long-term, serious effects on dental health. Specialists from Cohil Family Dentistry are dedicated to informing patients so good decisions can be made.Contact Cohil Family Dentistry today at 407-889-9682.