Early Detection Through Oral Cancer Screenings Increases Survival Rates

Many people may not pay much attention to problems like oral cancer. A big reason for this is that oral cancers get a lot less publicity and attention than other forms of cancer. The truth is that oral cancer can be just as serious as other cancers. However, when oral cancer is caught and treated early, survival rates can be as high as 90 percent. Oral cancer screenings done by professionals like those from Cohil Family Dentistry are your best bet for finding problems in the earliest, most treatable stages.

Cancer Screenings are Incredibly Helpful Tools

Oral cancer screenings are often done without the patient even being aware that they’re being conducted. Careful examination of the mouth, cheeks and gums provide excellent information and clues as to the health of a patient’s mouth. Experts from Cohil Family Dentistry want to be your partner in keeping your oral health the best that it can be. This includes giving you a comprehensive assessment of findings after your mouth is examined.

If something concerning is found, you’ll be told right away and you’ll be informed about your best treatment options to help you make the best decisions concerning your care. During oral cancer screenings, places that are examined include the tongue, teeth, gums, the bottom of the mouth and the bony roof area of the mouth, also called the hard palate. Dental professionals like Dr. Kirk Cohil know exactly what to look for and what can be done if anything unusual is noticed.

People at Risk for Oral Cancer

The people who are most at risk for oral cancers include smokers and other users of tobacco products, including chewing tobacco. It’s been discovered that about 80 percent of people with oral cancers are former or current tobacco users. Another group that can experience the development of oral cancers is people who have tested positive for Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. Since oral cancer is something that can affect anyone, the smart move is to have a comprehensive screening done by Cohil Family Dentistry for the earliest detection and best outcome.

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