Interferences among a person’s teeth may occur for multiple reasons.  Malocclusion (poor alignment of teeth) will virtually always lead to interferences with a bite.  Malocclusion may be a result of genetics, external forces that may have positioned teeth incorrectly, spaces that lead to tooth migration, or even trauma.

Interferences with the bite will create trauma to teeth.  The teeth may become mobile, begin to become hypersensitive to temperature and could destroy the pulp of a tooth.  In addition, the knocking of cusps among teeth may lead to inflammation of the jaw joints.  The joints may begin to click and/ or even lock up.

Interferences with one’s bite may be corrected in two ways.  Orthodontic treatment would be the first option to correct the alignment of the teeth.  This may be done with brackets and wires or through the use of aligner therapy.  Secondly, the fabrication of an occlusal guard could be used as an alternative to orthodontics.  It is a specialized, hard device that is worn on a nightly basis to eliminate interferences and create a specialized guidance.

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