Building Good Oral Hygiene Habits Helps You Stay on Top of Potential Problems

Keeping up with a good oral hygiene regimen is the best way to prevent cavities, keep infections at bay, and avoid other problems with your mouth, gums and teeth. Ignoring dental health can lead to unwanted and unpleasant tooth pain, which no one wants. Oral hygiene experts from Cohil Family Dentistry are happy to go over the best ways to take good care of your teeth and mouth. They’re also happy to teach important skills like proper brushing and flossing for maximum benefits.

Developing Good Dental Care Habits is Critical

It normally only takes about three weeks of doing something repetitively for it to become a habit. The same is true for taking good care of your teeth and mouth. The best oral hygiene habits to build include:

  1. Brush and Floss Effectively and Regularly – It’s recommended to brush twice-a-day and to floss at least once daily. Use your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and be sure to brush all surfaces of the tooth and the gum line. Don’t forget the backs of teeth and molars. Flossing helps remove plaque, bacteria and sometimes food particles that are missed when brushing
  2. Replace Toothbrushes Regularly – The advised time to replace your brush is every two to three months with a soft bristled brush, to help you avoid mouth injury
  3. Plan Regular Dentist Visits – Visit Cohil Family Dentistry regularly for cleanings, flossing and fluoride treatments. This helps you stay on top of existing problems and catch potential problems

Dr. Kirk Cohil has over 18 years of experience providing expert care to residents of Apopka, Longwood, Maitland and Altamonte Springs. This has helped keep generations of families safer and healthier through good dental care.

Good Dental Habits are For Life

Once taking great care of your teeth and mouth becomes habit, you’ll have it for life. Paying attention to your teeth helps you stay healthier by avoiding inflammation, infections and problems that can affect your entire body, not just teeth. Cohil Family Dentistry is your partner in developing great oral care habits.

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