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Dedicated and Experienced Apopka Dentist

Dr. Kirk Cohil has the Top Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice in the Apopka, Florida area.
It is a trusted dental office known for providing quality dental services. The staff is dedicated to providing dental care to the highest standards and has a commitment to comfort for all patients.

They have a good relationship with their patients because they “take the time” to listen to each patient’s concerns and needs. Quality dentistry is provided because proper time is allocated to each individual, in a comfortable, conservative fashion. The office is always open to accepting new patients and all referrals are much appreciated. We educate and instill value in all the dentistry that we do, so long-term, optimal dental results are achieved.

Dr. Cohil has been in the business of creating beautiful smiles for over 17 yearsand has treated countless children and adults in Apopka, Florida. He has an impressive reputation, in terms of his skills. His vast experience and expansive knowledge has been used to help numerous patients rebuild their smiles to obtain optimal dental health, aesthetics, and function.

Cohil Family Dentistry provides you a very long list of Apopka dentist services for any of your teeth or gum problems, at one location, so you really do not have to worry!

Apopka Dental Implants

Have you lost some or all of you teeth and need to resort to dentures? Why not have Dental Implants? They are the most stable and functional solution to the replacement of teeth, that most similarly resembles a natural tooth. Cohil Family Dentistry provides such services.

Dental implants are primarily titanium. They are surgically placed into the jawbone to replicate the root of a missing tooth, under local anesthesia. Dental implants have been around for over 35 years and have a 97% success rate, thus making them highly trusted. They are the closest thing to resembling a natural tooth, allowing patients to floss and clean as if nothing was ever missing. Let Dr. Cohil’s Apopka dentist practice help you today with your dental implants.

Apopka Dentures

If you experienced the loss of a tooth or teeth, but cannot afford dental implants or just prefer avoiding any type of surgical implant procedure, than you may want to consider Apopka Dentures. Cohil Family Dentistry also provides this service. Dr. Cohil’s office customizes dentures so that the fit is unsurpassable and the way they look is exactly the way you want. You see the results prior to them being completed.

They are made, at a local lab, from strong, durable and natural-looking acrylics that are properly measured to match your previous teeth and gums. The Dentures may be full or partial, depending on the position and number of missing teeth. Cohil Family Dentistry assures you great comfort and superior function with your dentures. One or several dental implants may be a consideration, along with the acrylic dentures, to maximize the stabilization of a denture and improve chewing function. This is a special type of denture called an overdenture.

Full Service Apopka Dentist

Please consider Cohil Family Dentistry for all of your dental concerns and problems. Every day we make dreams a reality. It is powerful to give patients the ability to think about “What they are going to eat” rather than think about “how they are going to eat something.” And, it is a relief for everyone to smile and laugh beautifully, without being ashamed of what is inside your mouth.

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